Meet Grace 

Grace Esther WhiteGrace Esther White was born on January 6, 1904 to Elsie Prickett White and John Weston White in Monroe, Wisconsin. Her father was killed in a railroad accident when Grace was three years old. She and her mother moved back to Albion and she lived in Albion, Indiana with her mother until Thanksgiving of second grade. Her grandfather White begged and begged Grace's mother to let Grace live in Monroe with them and go to school and then spend summers with her back in Indiana. And so Grace's mother agreed.
Grace's mother did remarry a man named Frank Whitehead who was a farmer around Cromwell, Indiana and so Grace spent summers in Cromwell with her mother and step-father and in Albion with the Prickett grandparents.
She traveled back and forth on the train from Wisconsin to Indiana as she was awarded a free lifetime pass on the railroad due to her father's accident.. Grace always said that people in the Cromwell-Albion area thought she was a "fresh air kid", a name given to kids that came out of Chicago to spend summers in the homes of area farmers. They were good help for the farmers and it was good healthy fresh air for the city kids.

As a child Grace loved to read books, play with paper dolls and she was always searching for children to play with. She wanted brothers and sisters more than anything. After graduating high school she went off to Baylor College for Women in Belton, Texas. She wanted to be a Kindergarten teacher. However, after graduation she married Austin Carl Aller in 1925 and proceeded to have her own kindergarten. She had six children.

She loved her family and they were the center of her life. Her husband was a baker and she worked with him in the bakery and retired from Rike's Bakery Department, a part of Rike's Department Store in Dayton, Ohio. She loved getting together with family. She played the piano, loved playing board games (everyone wanted to have her on their team in Trivial Pursuit), playing cards and she loved children. She was always so full of life and as a child got herself into several scrapes that her family always enjoyed hearing about. So as a legacy to Grace I wanted to keep a little bit of her alive and keep these stories going for generations. Thus, the first story, my favorite, "The Doctor's Little Stowaway".

- Grace passed away in 2006 on her birthday at the age of 102.